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Struggling with your health is exhausting and you long to understand what is going on with you, why can’t you live your life to the fullest? Half full feels like an achievement already. I know what it is like, I have been there! You go to a new therapy hoping that this is it: finally, someone who can give me my life back. But it is often disappointing and ends up being expensive. Popping pills has its charm but unfortunately it can be short lived and its consequences may be worse than expected.

During my original studies to become a Teacher of Domestic Economics I got very interested in food and its healing powers. I also learned that people gravitate towards foods that provide pleasure, that everyone’s health in their own hands and that very often the key to finding good health is to follow good advice. Together we can tailor make your healing programme to suit your life circumstance in a manner that will be surprisingly easy to achieve and keep up.

After a successful but exhausting career in corporate life I came across Yvonne’s Candida coach programme and I have never felt better! Finally, my energy and health are stable and I face every day with pleasure. I have been a vegetarian for 30 years, a nutritional therapist since 2006 and a Candida coach since 2019.

Since my youth I have struggled with my health and energy, nothing very serious but a lot of everyday acute illnesses and symptoms including headaches, allergies and intolerances, stomach upsets and colds. I understood that this could be due to Candida infection and I have been on several Candida diets since 1995, each stricter than the previous one. However, I have always lapsed back to the Candida causing diet, never really healing or being symptom free. All this has eaten my energy up and I have spent many weekends recovering from the week before. After a few short weeks on this programme I was so happy to see that constant sickness and low energy were not a given fact of life but that I could have control over my own health. To my delight I see more and more ailments fall away, even those that I never thought had anything to do with Candida, including RSI, oversleeping, very difficult mornings and blocked nose.

My discovery of this method has improved my health beyond recognition. I would like to help you to enjoy the same level of energy and health, while enjoying delicious and nutritious, easy to prepare food.

I work with people from Finland and English-speaking countries. My programme works for a wide range of people, including vegetarians and people with special and ethnic diets. I consult with clients by telephone and online. I am a long time vegetarian and a practitioner of meditation, including Mindfulness.

My joy is such that I would like to help everyone and anyone to reach the same level of energy and health with a proven track record and sustainable results. All this can happen while you enjoy delicious and nutritious, easy to prepare food!

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