Candida symptoms

Are you becoming desperate of your persistent ailments for which your doctor knows no solution? Yet another course of antibiotics, you just had one!

Do you suffer from crazy vague ailments that make you sigh and wonder where it comes from?

Good that you found your way here!

I also struggled with it for decades, for me it was mainly the chronic respiratory infections. And a long list of vague things, of which you wonder “will it make sense to go to the doctor with that ..?”

Until I discovered that all complaints were related to each other and were caused by Candida infection. I have now been rid of it for 10 lovely years. That gives so much rest, I would hate to go back to it!

Everyone has Candida but when things change and it starts to grow all over your body it causes a lot of complaints. Which ones they are is very personal as the list of symptoms is very long.

A bloated abdomen, changing stools, flatulence, chronic fatigue, abdominal cramps and anal itching are often recognized. Not surprisingly, if you realize that a Candida strain kills your digestive system … And for most women the vaginal infection also comes around regularly. 🙁

candida symptomen

Which symptoms do you recognize?

To make it easy for you, I have listed the symptoms of a Candida infection for you. Check them and discover in 3 minutes how your health is doing at the moment.


… That you try one solution after the other to get rid of your ailments, but that it doesn’t improve anything or even makes the problem worse?

… That you feel that your ailment is the result of an underlying problem, but that you are not taken seriously by others?

… Or that you get angry or irritated, because your doctor no longer knows and says that you just have to learn to live with it?

Do you want to leave this behind and see your health improve? Then I would like to talk to you!

Request your free Candida call here and we will discuss in a 40-minute telephone contact exactly what you encounter, what you have already done, what your wishes are and how I can help you.

Eija Halme, your Candidacoach

Candidacoach Eija Halme

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